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Acne Intelligence

Vitamin A

Vitamin A

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Vitamin A Serum by Acne Intelligence

For Acne Prone Skin and Non-Acne Prone Skin Types

Vitamin A Serum contains Retinol and Glycolic Acid to help target pigmentation, scars and uneven texture while brightening dull, rough skin.  Vitamin A is also proven to help prevent and correct the common signs of aging, including fine lines, wrinkles, brown spots and more.  Also contains PP2, the patented delivery system with time-release action to help keep the ingredients in the skin longer for faster, visible results.

How to use:

May be used for face or back acne.  We recommend using Vitamin A at night.  Cleanse your skin first, then apply a thin layer of Vitamin A,  wait a few minutes to let the serum penetrate the skin then follow with Moisture or Moisture Extreme.   Once your skin gets acclimated to Vitamin A, it is safe to use during the day ONLY if you use the SPF 30 With Moisturizer on top, you have to protect what you correct!

Questions about the Vitamin A Serum?  Click the "Contact" link at the top of this page to send us a text or email.

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