Acne Program

If you commit to us, we commit to your skin!

Our Acne Program is for both the face and the back, it is a combination of Acne Facials and at-home skincare products.  We recommend coming in for a Facial once every two weeks until you are clear, then once a month for maintenance.   Your Esthetician will recommend an at-home skincare routine to support your treatments.  If you are consistent with both your Facials and your at home routine, you should see a dramatic improvement within 6 treatments.  Each Acne Facial is $155 and the products range from $14-21 each.

These dramatic, unfiltered images are just one example of the results that can be achieved with our Acne Program!  She was diligent with coming every two weeks for an Acne Facial and used the Acne Intelligence products at home. 

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Before Image

 After Image