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Acne Intelligence

Smart Release BPO 5%

Smart Release BPO 5%

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Smart Release BPO 5% by Acne Intelligence

For Acne Prone skin

Smart Release BPO 5% is a magical solution of Benzoyl Peroxide and Glycolic Acid delivered into the skin by a patented system (PP2) to continuously release the ingredients throughout the day.  Smart Release BPO gently eliminates dead skin cells inside of the pore to slow down cell build up, helping to eliminate Acne and prevent future flare ups.

How to use:

May be used for face or back acne.  At night, apply a thin layer to freshly cleansed skin. If you experience excessive dryness, use every other night until your skin becomes acclimated to the active ingredients then resume every night. Do not apply a moisturizer on top, Smart Release should be the last product on the skin every night. We recommend using the SPF 30 With Moisturizer every morning. 

Tip:   Smart Release BPO comes in 5% or 10%, we recommend starting with the 5% especially if you have not used a Benzoyl Peroxide product before. After finishing your first bottle. if your skin is responding well, stay with the 5%.  Or, if you feel like your skin can handle a stronger percentage after using one or two bottles, try the Smart Release BPO 10%.   

Questions about the Smart Release BPO?  Click the "Contact" link at the top of this page to send us a text or email.

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