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Relieve + Repair

Relieve + Repair

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Relieve + Repair by SkinClinical

Medical-grade Relieve + Repair contains SBD-4, SkinClinicals patented ingredient clinically tested and proven to help heal common skin conditions including dryness, aging, dehydration, damaged skin, scarring and more.

Relieve + Repair is safe and highly effective for all skin types especially those who suffer from diabetic skin issues.  This non-greasy, fast-absorbing lotion helps alleviate common diabetic skin conditions, including dryness, cracking, redness, roughness and itching on the face, body and feet.  It also helps protect the skin moisture barrier and soothes sensitive skin.  Paraben Free, Fragrance, Free, Steroid Free, Dye Free

Apply generously to targeted areas of the face and body twice daily or as needed. 

For a daily body lotion to use in areas not treated with Relieve + Repair,  try SkinClinicals Daily Restore.  This lotions helps achieve and maintain healthy, younger-looking skin.

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