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Acne Intelligence

Gentle Prep

Gentle Prep

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Gentle Prep by Acne Intelligence

For Acne Prone and Oily/Combination Skin

Gentle Prep works like a traditional toner, it contains a proprietary blend of ingredients including – Benoiderm to exfoliate the skin and help reduce pore size and Aquaxyl which helps hydrate the skin controlling water loss.  The name says it all, this product is a Gentle Prep for all of your serums and hydrators that are applied next.

How to use:

Use morning and night.  May be used on face or back.  Apply a generous amount to a cotton pad (be sure it is 100% cotton as synthetic materials can scratch the skin), gently swipe the skin with the pad to completely saturate the entire face, neck and chest.  

Questions about the Gentle Prep?  Click the "Contact" link at the top of this page to send us a text or email.

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